9 February of each year is a day when people celebrate love by gifting chocolates to each other. It is part of Valentine Week, where people across the world celebrate each day of the week, starting from 7th February to 14th February. Here in this post, we will show you, Valentine Week Happy Chocolate Day 2021 Status, Messages, Wishes, Quotes, Shayari, etc.

Valentine Week Happy Chocolate Day 2021 - Status | Messages | Wishes | Quotes | Shayari
Valentine Week Happy Chocolate Day 2021 - Status | Messages | Wishes | Quotes | Shayari

Valentine Week Happy Chocolate Day 2021

Followed by Rose Day, Propose Day, the third day of valentine's week February 9 is celebrated as Chocolate Day every year. It's a day to indulge in the yummy taste of chocolates with your partner and forget the worries of the world. No celebration is complete without a sweet wish, which can bring a smile to the face of your partner. Here is the status, messages, wishes, quotes, shayari, etc. for Valentine Week Happy Chocolate Day 2021.

Happy Chocolate Day 2021 Status, Message, Wishes, Quotes, Shayari.

  • Happy Chocolate Day to my dear Valentine who’s as sweet and special as the box of chocolates that was sent today.

  • Everything comes with a price and I come only with a bar of chocolate. So buy me a chocolate and chocolate yours. Happy chocolate day, my love.

  • You are the sweetest person I have ever met. Nothing but a chocolate can be gifted to the most adorable person on this Earth. Happy Chocolate Day love!

  • I searched for the sweetest chocolate on Earth but then I realized that nothing can be sweeter than you. I love you. Happy Chocolate Day!

  • Sweets come and go, chocolates are perpetual. Happy Chocolate Day!

  • Happy Chocolate Day to my sweetheart who is sweeter than chocolate… Love you!

  • Further Chocolate day…So discussed celebrate the occasion with chocolate. That will make the occasion all the more sweeter.

  • Metaphorically speaking, chocolates are the healthiest of all food and my wife is the most ravishing woman in the world. Happy Chocolate Day!

  • My heart is as delicate as chocolate, sprinkle the fruits and nuts of your love and care in it & make it sweeter. Loads of Chocolate Day wishes!

  • There are just two things on this earth that can melt me: one is my girlfriend's smile and a box of chocolates. Happy Chocolate Day my lovely girlfriend!

  • On this special day, I love to share this chocolate with a person who transformed my life and made me fall deeper in your love every day. Happy Chocolate Day, My Love!

  • May this Chocolate Day give you a lot of love and Happiness. Happy Chocolate Day.

  • Further Chocolate Day. And I am looking forward to getting dipped in your sweet and passionate love ... Happy Chocolate Day!

  • Hey, it's chocolate day and just the right time to tell you that I simply love sharing everything with you.

  • A chocolate becomes much more sweeter when I share it with you. Happy Chocolate Day!

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